Presentation: More of my private life

Hi! Shalom! I’m Johanna as I told ou before 🙂
I’m born in a Christian family, my parents got divorced when I was 8, I didn’t get any trauma from that since my father was never at home anyways.
When I was 11 I started to “rebel” and do things that I shouldn’t, my elder cousin went to the same school as me, learned me to do such things, my mother lost control and my father has never much been like a father so I was relocated by the social welfare board.

Between the age of 11-16, I was placed in different places, they call it treatment homes, emergency families, foster families, and even twice in juvenile detention.
Why they relocated me so often was because I was still living the way I wanted and wherever I went they told me after a while “sorry we can’t take care of you”

My mother was strict but my father didn’t care, he was the opposite.
In my heart, I wished to come to a Christian strict (in a good way) family because that was where I felt most loved and cared. I understand that at the age of 11 already that was love.

At the age of 16, I got a really powerful life-changing meeting with GOD through a messianic jew. That was when I realized that all the things that were messianic were wearing a lot of anointing. Things connected with Israel were more spiritually blessed and got a greater power in it.
The music is a great example. The messianic music takes one directly to the throne room of GOD to be before the fearful Allmighty YHWH like no other Christian music. I grew up in church so I know to tell the difference. I started to love the messianic.

Let’s jump from that to today:

My relationship with my parents today is that I love them, but I don’t have much with them to do. We think and are very different, but I love to see them from time to time.

I and my husband has been married for 2 years on Saturday 14/5-2022
It has been a really challenging relationship, but I saw his heart, and the potential of him becoming a good Christian man. It was I who led Mats to christ in 2019 I think.
We met through the internet.

So, we live in a big house up north in Sweden, we have rooms to rent when and if God sends someone to stay with us. Right now we have a lady staying with us.
We have 1 dog and 3 cats, 2 of the cats belong to the lady that stays with us.

We try to read the bible together every single day, so we finish it once in a year.

My husband is the head of the family, not because we are less important or valued, but because its how the scriptures tell us to live, I get all my important wishes to come true with my husband because he is a good one that listens and cares for what I want and need.
He puts me before himself mostly.

So I feel loved, adored, and cared. If he hurts me he regrets it and asks for forgiveness, sometimes even crying.

I don’t work, I’m on sick leave because GOD has paused my life for a while.
I have been very tired and depressed and still am not fully recovered, I think those experiences is something I can share about in this blog and it might be helpful to someone.

You can always write comments and ask me to share about something specific that you are interested in.

I’m 34, I have been married before. The reason for divorce was cheating.
I do have not any children but I long to get kids.

Even if I’m on sick leave I am not totally inactive, besides of this new blog, I also do some resin crosses to sell. I sometimes paint and play my harp and keyboard.
I have not been physically active lately but I like to play floorball.

I like to watch movies, play The Sims and some tv-games.

I try to keep everything we do and watch and bring to our house spiritually clean, there is so much spiritually dangerous around us.

I’m doing investments to try to get our money to grow, we have a lot of debts and don’t have our own house yet.

Besides all this, I’m trying to open/start an organization to help poor people and our orphanage in Kenya with 28 kids.

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