Who is GOD for me?

GOD YHWH, is for me the most exciting person ever.
He is from where every living thing has his origin and from where all life comes from.

I have learned so much more about Him through reading the bible and experiencing and listening to other people’s experiences.

He is the beginning and the end,
When GOD commands life starts and at His command, the spirit of life is withdrawn and all that is left is just a dead shell of something that was living before.

GOD is the scariest being because He is so powerful,
He is bright shining stronger than the sun, His eyes are like flames of blue fire,
His hair and beard are white as snow and He is really really really big.
But He can show Himself in what size He wants.
He is the king of the universe, King of all Kings, all mighty, powerful,
for me, the times I have met Him it has been scary.
Yet there is nobody who loves as He does.
He loves everything He created.

Even if He is scary, I love Him more than anything else, because He has shown His love for me.

He is my Father, my creator,
Nobody knows me as much as He does He made me, He decided how my life would become.
He knew If I would follow His ways and plan for my life before He put me on earth.

He knows my weaknesses and all of my thoughts.

He is my greatest trainer and teacher,
He waits patiently while I’m being trained in all different ways.
He doesn’t give up.

When life is hard and rough, He wants me to trust in Him, to be grateful.

He sees me do the same mistakes again and again, but still, He waits patiently to learn and change to become better.

I want to become a better person, because of my love for Him.
I want to please Him with who I am, and my life, my choices, and everything, Not because I have to, no, just because I love Him.
And of course, I want to come closer to Him, if I want to come closer I need to be holy because He is Holy, He lives in holiness.

I wish I could communicate with Him all day long to get to know Him better so I could start to think the way He thinks. I know its impossible to get to know GOD fully,
the scriptures tell that even His spirit, Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha Kodesh studies the deeps of Him.

One of the most exciting things I learned about GOD is that He can come very close to a human and be a friend to a human, and that results in a very very exciting life for that person.
Because GOD never lacks energy, He is active, with Him there is no dull moment.
GOD wants to cooperate with us so that HE can do things on earth. (Im not fully sure of this though)
He needs us for that.
He has put rules, in the spiritual realm that He can not pass Himself.

GOD has very many names, but His main name is removed from our bible translations and that is YHWH.

One thing I’m really grateful for is that GOD always has time, He lives outside of time.

GOD is amazing, He loves colors and creates new things.
He is also funny.
GID can be angry, but He can also be glad.

He is the best father ever, He wants us to be happy so He has prepared heaven to become the best place for human beings ever. Heaven is a place of fulfilled dreams for everyone.
You can not lack anything in heaven.
Some of the things we wanted here on earth we will no longer want in heaven because our new bodies and life doesn’t need some things any longer. Still, we will be fully satisfied and happy in all areas.

Heaven is the most beautiful place, with the most satisfying atmosphere and way of living.

That He has created such an amazing place for us, tells a lot of Him.
He is not only good, He is the best.

My Father <3 love you so much.

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